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A product able to satisfy the most demanding palate for an authentic experience of fragrance and taste of Italy… 
We are dedicated to produce and to export 100% Italian Premium Extra Virgin Oils on the Worldwide territory.
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Our Products

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We selected a limited number of Premium Suppliers with proper Certifications who currently operate only on the regional or national market.
The chosen varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils are scrupulously evaluated...

Prejudices on Extra Virgin Oil

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There are a lot of things we suppose to know about Extra Virgin Olive Oil; in some cases, it is better to double check. Let's do it together...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Health 

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Its beneficial properties for the human beings are known since the beginning of our history: nothing has changed, except now we have discovered some new ones: just 2 tablespoon of olive oil a day could cut heart disease risk...

 The Best Sellers


Colline Molisane

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High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Slightly fruity, perfect for condiments, obtained by two predominant varieties, such as "Leccino" and "Gentile di Larino"...

GOLD Label

Antichi Frantoi Francescani

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Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a delicate and slightly sweet taste which recalls the mature fruit, ideal for foods, where the oil must not dominate...


Nettare Umbro

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Top Class Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO ORGANIC.
Emerald green with hints of gold, pleasantly spicy, intense fruity aroma with a sparkling taste of freshly pressed, not fully ripe olives...
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